160° | Blackened steel




The 90° angle is a characteristic element of the rectangular shape language in architecture. Adding curves changes these characteristics and therefore also the perception of a space.
Bend in a 160° angle the 160° screen is made to soften sharp corners and edges, providing a local sense of intimacy. The transparency of the grid acts like a filter, both revealing as hiding the original characteristics of the space. When placed in multiple layers you’ll be able to play with varying transparencies creating a feeling of privacy when wished for.

Year – 2018
Dimensions – 180H x 42W x 17D cm
Material – Blackened and waxed steel, other versions upon request
Photography – Roza Schous

The 160° screen is made from blackened or glass bead blasted and waxed steel mesh and available in a ‘standard’ size of: 180H x 42W x 17D cm. Custom work is possible in many different finishes and sizes. Pricing and lead times for custom work may differ. Made in the Netherlands.

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