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Adventure and freedom are what drive Tijs Rooijakkers (Vorstenbosch 1975). In his youth he wandered about his small village making huts and camp fires. In his teen years, he discovered skateboarding and started making obstacles, and even skateparks, with his friends. When he turned 17, and immediately after his graduation, he enlisted in the army to find freedom… After six years the urge to develop his creative side became very clear. He decided to follow his heart and sign up for ‘s-Hertogenbosch’s Art Academy. While studying, he lived in Eindhoven, and more precisely, squatted in big abandoned buildings, co-initiated the artist collective EAlot and started creating large installations, which helped him become the artist he is known for today.

As an artist, he always seeks the unknown. “Experimenting for me is throwing myself into the deep, it is nothing else but wandering”. This wandering leads to drawings and large installations that read like sketches in space. They do not seem to apply to the laws of gravity or of nature. They also seem to emerge effortlessly from their environment, in order to continue to grow unhindered from their current form.

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